Breast Cupping

As women, we’re taught from a young age to get to know our breasts and be intimately aware of what’s normal. How they vary in sensitivity and texture depending on our menstrual cycle; which lumps and bumps are normal and which are new. We know that doing a monthly breast exam, where we methodically feel every inch – up to and including the armpit area (where all the lymph nodes are) – is vital for catching any irregularities early, but – when accompanied with a regular cupping massage – can help to keep our lymphatic system clear of toxins, too.
A cupping massage is not only an excellent way to stimulate circulation and loosen the fascia (connective tissue), but more recent medical studies have also shown that it can increase the production of the natural hormone oxytocin, which has been proven to induce significant growth inhibition of breast cancer cells and remove free radicals.

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